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New here?

The aim of this site is to help members network and share advice, news and discoveries.
You should start by creating your Profile.
Select your interests and expertise from the list, and write a little about yourself. Use Create Content / Profile
Share and Contribute
Take part in the Forums, and, when you want to write something more structured, Blog.
If you want to contribute an article of expertise, or a translation of an important article from elsewhere, Blog it, and contact us. We can add it to the appropriate Book.
(If translating someone else's work please seek their permission. In our experience no one ever objects, so long as they get a credit and links to the original and/or their site).
Attend, or, even better, help arrange, Events for our Chapter. If you can provide a location - meeting room, office etc, we can probably arrange a speaker.


Quick Guide to Effective Posts

Create Content
You can have a Profile, but otherwise you should only Blog. If you have an important item of News, or an Event, contact us.
Use Taxonomy

There is a text editor that allows italic, bold and bullets. Also links.
Adding image is a little more complex. You have your own image store on the site, and must first put your images there.
Using Images (New Image)

Using an Uploaded image file

Minor bug - file names don't always display, but if you highlight a file it appears below so it's easy to find the right one. Not really an issue for people with small numbers of images.

Too Much English?

Too Much English?

This site was built in English but is configured to support Serbian, where Serbian strings exist. Serbian is the default language.
However, there is a Google translation tool available on every page, so feel free to use it for your own benefit.
If you would like to help volunteer convert the system text into Serbian, contact us and we'll give you the right access levels.
Educational Opportunity

This site uses the Open Source package Drupal.
Drupal welcomes all contributions. Creating and maintaining a Translation Pack requires no programming expertise. It represents an excellent project for a school or University as each new generation of students can do their bit, for a real world project and the Serbian language.
Contact us if you have an institution that might be interested in doing so. It will help them, help us and help the Drupal project.

Website User Membership Types and Powers

The site has several levels of User Membership.
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