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Thoughtrock $150 ITIL Exam and Training Bundle

The $150 ITIL Exam and Training Bundle

At Your Service - September 2011 Edition Published


Welcome to the September 2011 edition of 'At Your Service'.  We hope you enjoy the articles and look forward to contributions to our next edition, due to publish in December 2011.

itSMF US Conference - Fusion 11: Uniting the World of Service Management

24/09/2011 09:00
28/09/2011 18:00

At FUSION 11, itSMF USA and HDI, two leaders in the world of service management, are joining forces to elevate the standards in service management education. FUSION 11 brings together the best of the best—the best speakers, the best vendors, the best networking and social activities—all in a beautiful venue. Our goal? To provide you an educational experience facilitated by only the most respected minds in service management so you can return to office with a solid action plan and valuable business contacts.

itSMF International 2011 Annual General Meeting

25/09/2011 09:00

itSMF International Annual General Meeting and Executive Board - Elections 2011

1. Introduction
This communiqué to Chapter Leaders is designed to provide you with notification that the Board of itSMF has confirmed that its Annual General Meeting is to take place on 25th September at the Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Centre in National Harbour, Maryland, USA.

CPD credits for attending BrightTALK™ Summits in IT Service Management

20/09/2011 12:00

CPD credits for attending BrightTALK™ Summits in IT Service Management

IT Optimizer Webinar: Four ways to improve your ITSM program

19/08/2011 18:00

You are invited to register at and join a live and interactive webinar with David Mainville, CEO & Co-Founder of Consulting-Portal, as he shares his experience in 4 practical areas of an IT Service Management program.
In this webinar David will cover:
1. Assessments - This is one of the best ways to get a snapshot of the health of your Service Management program while simultaneously creating a catalyst for change.

BrightTalk Summit: Business Service Management

10/08/2011 10:00

Service management needs to be viewed through a business lens, but what does business service management mean, and is it worthwhile? With various standards and methodologies floating around, deciding what's right for your service management team is no easy task. Join a diverse group of speakers at this online event to learn valuable advice and to get a clear picture of the challenges and benefits of business service management.
BSM Summit lineup includes:

BrightTalk Summit: ITIL Version3

20/07/2011 14:00

ITIL is here to stay, but how can this framework translate to practical and measureable value, meeting the objectives for both IT and the business? Maximizing the benefits from ITIL v3, supporting the adoption and implementation of new technologies, and leveraging yours and your teams’ talents will become increasingly important. This summit will outline the training options available for you and your staff to as well as exploring what is next for ITIL and whether ITIL v4 is on the horizon.

Service Management: Is IT in trouble?

14/07/2011 19:00

Where is IT headed and how have recent events impacted the IT Service Manager? Has service management moved beyond the "start-up" phase and into a quantifiable profession? Filled with 2011 industry research, this interactive presentation highlights key events happening around us.
Presented by Dr. Suzanne Van Hove
To attend this BrightTalk webcast, please go to

At Your Service - June 2011 Edition Published


Welcome to the June 2011 edition of 'At Your Service'.  We hope you enjoy the articles and look forward to contributions to our next edition, due to publish in August 2011

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