ITIL Qualification/Certification

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Business Systems Support Manager at Vip Mobile d.o.o.

As a Business Systems Support Manager I'm acting in the functional Area of the CTO with the scope as follows:• Heading Business Systems Support and Service Desk units• Service Level Manager and Change Manager for all business systems• Operational owner of the business systems• Plan budget & maintenance costs on the business systems• Coordinate and agree on Intercompany Commercial Agreements withinMobilkom Austria Group for systems operations• Coordinate support and operational effort for the business systems

itSMF Services

The IT Service Management Forum Serbia - itSMF Serbia is an independent, not-for-profit Organisation dedicated to the development and promotion of IT Service Management and ITSM "best practice" in Serbia. We provide an accessible network of industry experts, information sources and events to assist you (and your staff) address IT service management issues. We will continuously improve our products for our members by sustainably growing, actively seeking partnerships and collaborating with others. For more about itSMF Serbia Services see the attached Chapter Brochure.

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