EXIN's ITSM program for Executive Consultant Managers according to ISO/IEC 20000

Leading international service managers agree that the executive level in EXIN’s ITSM program is a rigorous assessment of top-level IT management skills. IT Professionals who have earned the certificate for Executive Consultant Manager in ITSM according to ISO/IEC 20000 (IS20ECM) have demonstrated they have the competencies to work at the highest levels of an organization, evaluating and implementing complex IT service strategies.
Concluding a successful pilotTop level managers and consultants participated in an organized pilot of the new program in January to determine if the training and examination were comprehensive enough to achieve the depth of understanding which this certificate represents.
Feedback indicated that the training is demanding, but it presents a real opportunity for growth and signifies an exclusive achievement in professional development. Pilot participants all provided specific feedback for improvement in terms of the training requirements, training structure, and the assessment criteria which will be incorporated in future versions of the program.
General feedback from the pilot:“The effect of having participants at the same level of experience is that you are capable of leveraging this together.”- “The content is good. It is asking for excellence.”- “This executive class stimulated me to write a paper that would not have been written.”- “My company asked me to get something out of this and I did.”

From left to right: Zivkovic, van Selm, Taillefer, Clifford, Fairhead, van Hove

Calling on ITSM expertsInternational IT Service Managers who contributed their skills and experiences to the pilot seminar include Leo van Selm (Vaseom BV and Founding Partner of itSMF Netherlands), Marc Taillefer (international ITSM consultant and involved in updating different ISO standards), Milan Zivkovic (Consultant for Ericsson UK and itSMF Serbia Chapter president), Neil Fairhead (Fujitsu UK Portfolio Director and Fellow of the Institute of Service Management), and Suzanne van Hove (trainer, consultant and owner of SED-IT, member of itSMF USA’s Board of Directors).
EXIN’s ITSM program according to ISO/IEC 20000The Executive Consultant Manager (IS20ECM) exam is the final step in EXIN’s award-winning ITSM program developed in partnership with TüV SüD Akademie, Germany and certified against ISO17024. To be allowed to participate in this program at higher levels, candidates must show they have a mature knowledge of IT best practices as well as a history of management experience. These standards ensure that the intensive ECM training discussions foster advanced ITSM insights, which could, in turn, be beneficial to roles such as IT Director, IT Quality Manager, project managers or business consultants.
“This program is for professionals who want to go one step further, and then help each other do the same as well,” said Lex Hendriks, EXIN program manager and established industry expert, an essential figure in the development of this program.
IS20ECM as an assessment, not an examNot only is the training unique with it’s emphasis on thoughtful exchanges between candidates, but the examination is also designed to be a thorough assessment of an individual’s critical thinking processes in regards to advanced ITSM strategy. Candidates will have the opportunity to demonstrate these skills through a series of assignments including a project, a thesis and a presentation that combine to form the ECM assessment. Training candidates will then be challenged by their peers, encouraging discussion and further exchange of insights.
David Clifford, long-time EXIN expert, who conducted the pilot seminar, said, “This is not at a level where you just apply and you’re in. ECM is designed for professionals of the right caliber that can bring practical contributions to the table.”

Guaranteeing qualityEXIN is certified according to the ISO-9001 standard. But above this we guarantee the quality of our exams by involving external, independent professionals in the management and execution of all our activities at all levels. Our experts are not just IT professionals; we also consult employers, training providers, publishers, economists, lawyers and education experts who have an affinity with IT. Thanks to these cooperative partnerships, EXIN is able to stay on the cutting edge of market trends and offer current, hands on exams.