An Informatica Webinar: Application Archiving Strategies: Improve Performance and Your Bottom Line

16/09/2009 17:00

Tired of increasingly long database application lag times? Find out from the experts how effective application archiving enables your ERP production environment to keep pace with your increasing rate of business activity. Informatica offers this informative webinar that will help you take proactive steps that will save time, optimize your infrastructure costs and ultimately improve your bottom line. To register for this webinar, please click on this link .
You’ll learn how effective archiving can...

  • Improve performance of your production environment
  • Archive or purge inactive transactional data automatically to another database or a compressed, optimized file 
  • Create smaller, fully functioning copies of production data for testing and development purposes
  • Further your bottom-line savings with efficient application retirement

Date: Wed, Sep 16, 2009Time: 17:00 Local time; 16:00 GMT; 11:00 AM ET; 10:00 AM CT; 8:00 AM PT.        
Presenter: Joshua Alpern, VP Product Specialist, ILM, Informatica; Duration: 60 minutes; Where: Your PC
For more information on Archiving Best practices please see the attached brochure or for Informatica and their services portfolio, please go to .

INFA ILM 2009 INFORMIA Archiving Best Practices 9 Steps to Successful ILM 2009.pdf671.78 KB