Informatica Webinar: A Guide to Financial Application ILM: Archive, Test Data Management & Legacy Application Retirement

30/09/2009 18:00
30/09/2009 19:00

Managing IT costs and compliance are among the top business imperatives for the financial services industry today. With increased government and investor scrutiny, it is critical that financial companies from banking to insurance improve their data management processes and systems to support these imperatives. Informatica offers this informative webinar to provide a first hand guide to Financial Application Information Lifecycle Management. To register for this webinar, please click on this link.
Informatica application information lifecycle management (ILM) is designed to streamline and improve data management processes across the enterprise to enable financial services organizations to better manage data growth and associated costs to:

  • Reduce hardware, storage, maintenance, and support costs by up to 50 percent by quickly and safely retiring legacy applications, while still providing easy access to the archived data
  • Boost application performance by 30 percent by archiving unnecessary data from your production database, while still ensuring users have quick and easy access that archived data
  • Increase IT efficiency and application quality by streamlining the way your IT team manages test and development instances  

To register for this Webinar, please go to the Informatica website or click on this link!


Joshua Alpern, VP Product Specialists, Informatica