Information Security Resources Webinar: The Financial Impact of Cyber Risk

24/09/2009 20:00


Thursday, September 24 at 2 Eastern: ISAlliance & Aerospace Industries Association are pleased to offer an exciting FREE webinar: The Financial Impact of Cyber Risk.
How does your company protect against the financial catastrophe that can result from cyber risk?

Cyber security is not just a technical issue to be solved by “the geeks.” To properly manage the financial impact of cyber risk, CEOs and CFOs must first ask the right questions.
Adopting a holistic risk management strategy in advance of an adverse event is a critical step that could prevent huge financial losses.

Virtually every company has calculated the benefits of electronic business into its business plans. Unfortunately, companies often fail to account for the financial downside that may result from cyber security attacks.
Consequently, adequate protections are not in place that could prevent catastrophic losses.
This webinar will provide guidance to identify and quantify financial risks related to information security using an entertaining and informative role play:
The scenario involves a CEO interacting with the C Suite legal, communications, information, security, risk management and HR executives as a major data breach unfolds.

  • Ty R. Sagalow, Chief Innovation Officer, Zurich North America Insurance Company, moderating and playing the CEO role
  • Joe Buonomo, President, Direct Computer Resources playing the CIO role
  • Harry Oellrich, Managing Director and Head of the Cyber, Technology and Intellectual Property Practice, Guy Carpenter & Company, LLC playing the corporate risk manager role
  • Rick Kam, President, ID Experts playing the corporate communications role
  • Regan Adams, Esq., CIPP, Founder & CEO , Cyber Security Assurance, LLC playing Chief Legal Counsel

In addition to being extremely informative, you will actually enjoy this entertaining and humorous role play. The setting: As a major data breach unfolds, our CEO interacts with the C Suite team.
Join this webinar to learn and enjoy!

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This webinar is brought to you FREE of charge thanks to the sponsorship of Zurich North America.