itSMF priSM Credentialing Program

itSMF USA on behalf of itSMF International is launching a worldwide Service Management Credentialing scheme, priSMF, the professional recognition for IT Service Management (priSM®) program! priSM is the fruit of years of study, negotiations and development by far too many people to mention all by name, but we have to acknowledge the contributions of a few key pioneers. The itSMF USA oast presidents David Cannon and Sallie Kennedy drove the initiative forward with great passion. Sharon Taylor and Robert Stroud of the itSMF International Executive Board supported and facilitated the commissioning of the program by the itSMF USA. Former board member Richard Berg led the seminal itSMF USA session in Michigan that began to codify the program. Bob Sterbens, President Elect, and current Board members Suzanne Van Hove and Doug Tedder working with Operations Director Phyllis Drucker and Web Master Merily Talalla have labored almost ‘round-the-clock for months pulling together the last crucial pieces including the program credentialing scheme, processes and registration site. Many advisors and reviewers from within the itSMF community as well as from other organizations have contributed their views and opinions. On behalf of itSMF community, we thank everyone who has contributed in any way to making priSM a reality. You will hear much more about priSM in the press in the coming days but we want to share a few highlights with you here: The priSM credential is unique in the industry for its comprehensive, objective and multi-level assessment of the candidate’s ITSM experience, education, knowledge and skills. Working with itSMF International, we expect widespread adoption of the priSM program across itSMF Chapters internationally. Like credentials awarded in other professions, it provides an independent reference on candidate qualifications and currency among the growing community of service management practitioners. Earning a priSM credential provides distinction and recognition and increases your visibility within your own organization as well as globally. The priSM credential levels include: • Student in Service Management (SSM) • Associate in Service Management (ASM) • Professional in Service Management (PSM) • Distinguished Professional in Service Management (DPSM) • Fellow in Service Management (FSM) One critical success factor for the program from the outset was that holders of priSM credentials prove that they are current in the field of Service Management. To this end, the priSM Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements must be satisfied by an annual renewal that includes demonstration of continued professional development by study or participation as an author, or presenter. A wide variety of sources and subjects are acceptable and will be considered based on standards of delivery, duration, difficulty, and relevance to ITSM. The itSMF USA will maintain a Registry of members, their professional qualifications and their CPD requirements for priSM. This Registry will offer, subject to appropriate privacy protections, employers and customers an online tool to validate the qualifications of individuals who are being considered for service management roles, assignments or projects. For a limited time, professionals residing in the USA who have received credentials from the Institute of Service Management (ISM) can apply for the grandfather provision. This will allow you to have a priSM credential conferred upon you at the corresponding level. As a result of some initial briefings with analysts and members of the industry we can tell you that the priSM program is being well-received. Vendors and training organizations, as well as Examination Institutes, and others, including CA Inc., CourseSeeker, CSME, EXIN, Holmes and Associates, HP, Loyalist Certification Services, ITSM Academy, ITpreneurs, PeopleTEK, Plexent and Small Cart Systems have all expressed support.   That was our vision. To read more about the priSM program, download the handbook and relevant application forms, determine your priSM level and join the priSM program, please go to .   Thanks, itSMF Serbia