itSMF Professional recognition for it Service Management (priSM)

itSMF USA Announces New Program on behalf of itSMF International: Professional Recognition for IT Service Management (priSM) Enhancing the Service Management industry, one professional at a time, recognizing knowledge,  skills and abilities.    More Quotes   iitSMF USA, the premier Service Management organization with a 12-year history of advocacy for the profession, together with the Institute of Certified Service Managers (ICSM) introduce a program to professionalize the IT Service Management (ITSM) industry. professional recognition for it Service Management priSM is a comprehensive program for professional recognition and development in the IT Service Management industry. The program provides a framework and guidance for continuing professional development while building upon member’s existing training, certifications, education and experience. It also provides a structured path for continuing professional growth while maintaining a registry for professionals to track their continued good standing. priSM will:     Enable Your Success    Increase Your Earning Potential    Enhance Your Credibility and Influence    Obtain formal recognition for experience From Practice to Professionals Today, ITSM is a Practice.  priSM will transform IT into a profession by recognizing a formal, agreed upon body of knowledge. It will provide a career framework that describes the development options available to professionals. An individual’s qualifications and experience in ITSM will be evaluated and validated by qualified professionals, to ensure that professionals can apply that knowledge. Finally, participants will abide by a code of ethics and good practices to ensure standards of professional behavior are maintained at the highest level.   For more information on the priSM Programme, please see the attached priSM Brochure and Press Release.
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