Latest Update from itSMF International Chair - David Cannon

It is a pleasure to introduce myself as chairman of the itSMF international executive board. I am very grateful for the confidence that the chapters have placed in me and my fellow board members. We've just completed our first meeting, and I would like to give an overview of our strategy for this year. Some basic principles: Governance Service Leadership   Firstly, although I have spent many years on National Chapter boards, I have not yet learned the secret to getting through a year without making a mistake. But here is what I have learned. To be honest about what we have done, to be open about my shortcomings and to ask for advice and input and help. To this end, I will be sending out emails regularly to tell you what we're doing, where we're struggling and to ask for your input and help. I am very fortunate to be part of a group of exceptionally talented and capable people, both on the IEB and in the National Chapters, and I hope that I can draw on that wealth of resources throughout the year. This year everything we do on the IEB will have two criteria:
  • Does it increase value to the National Chapters and their members? Members expect to be able to grow personally and professionally. They expect to benefit from sharing experience and knowledge. They want their organizations to benefit from what they learn from the itSMF
  • Does it contribute to industry growth? The industry we work in is maturing, and we have a huge opportunity to influence that growth in a positive way. The relationships we forge, and the knowledge that we contribute at every level will have a lasting impact on the industry
Our strategy this year is to continue to build on the work done by the previous board under the wise and excellent leadership of Sharon Taylor. In short, I can describe our strategy in three words; governance, service and leadership. Governance Governance has been a focal point for the past 2 or 3 years, and some significant progress has been made by previous boards. But we still have a very long way to go. The role and authority of the IEB are still not clear, and some of our documentation is confusing or contradictory, and in some cases simply inadequate. We are very mindful of the fact that we are a membership-based organization and that we are ultimately accountable for our decisions and actions to the National Chapters and the itSMF members in those chapters. A Statutes and Governance working group was recently established by several chapters to investigate and clarify this, and the IEB welcomes and supports this initiative and will be working closely with them. We will be looking at every facet of the organization:
  • What type of organization is the itSMF?
  • How do we set and meet objectives?
  • Where does the IEB get its authority and how should it exercise it?
  • How are decisions made?
  • What is the relationship between itSMF International and each National Chapter and their members?
  • How do we manage our services and suppliers?
  • How do we ensure transparency and accountability of the IEB and the National Chapters?
Service Service is at the core of the itSMF's existence. It is how we articulate, deliver and realize value. The services provided by our national chapters enable our members grow their knowledge, professional networks and careers. The primary role of the IEB is to support and coordinate the ongoing development and delivery of services through the National Chapters. We recognize that the National Chapters own the relationship with itSMF members, and the way in which services are delivered. At the same time, we also recognize that many of these services, such as publications and qualifications, are used across multiple chapters. It is here that the IEB will play its largest role in coordinating the development and growth of services. We will do this in a number of ways:
  • Fostering the growth of knowledge through a number of initiatives, including publications of international interest, research projects, translation of publications and exams
  • Promotion of qualifications, certifications and professional credentials which facilitate the growth of our members and the organizations they work for. It is important that all members have the same opportunities for growth using a consistent set of qualifications and certifications worldwide. This will strengthen the movement and attract even more members to the National Chapters
  • Clear brand management and the ongoing establishment of our identity as the definitive IT Service Management organization
  • The ongoing establishment of new chapters and support of those chapters who are facing difficulty
It is important to note the IEB's role in this. The IEB is not independent of the National Chapters, it is an extension of the chapters and works with and through them. The expertise and resources for these initiatives comes from the National Chapters and the rewards and benefits flow back to them. To get this work done, the IEB will establish working groups consisting of members from the chapters who are experienced in those areas. Wherever possible, we would like to use work that has already been completed in National Chapters and build upon it for the benefit of other National Chapters. The aim of this work will be to support the growth of the National Chapters and their ability to provide a growing number of services to their members at a growing level of quality. Leadership As well as providing service to their members, the itSMF movement has carved out a unique position of industry leadership. itSMF members around the world represent a breadth of knowledge and experience in IT Service Management that is unrivalled in any other organization. We have representation on most major industry initiatives and standards bodies. Members have written best practice, books and standards which have defined the industry. As the industry becomes more formal, the itSMF must play a greater leadership role in its evolution and growth. Although the National Chapters play a valuable role in building the industry in each country, there are many areas where we will benefit from a consistent, unified approach. The IEB, in concert with the National Chapters, will continue to build and define our leadership role at an international and country level. Communication In order to build our strategy of Governance, Service and Leadership we will need to communicate often and clearly. Moving forward, the IEB is committed to better and more frequent communication. Each month, I will send out an email with an update on IEB business and initiatives. In addition, I would like to invite you to provide me with feedback and input on any area of concern or any suggestion that you would like to make. I cannot promise that we will be able to do everything that all National Chapters expect us to do, but I can promise that we will listen and seriously consider every piece of input that we receive, and will provide an answer on how we intend to deal with it. Best regards   David Cannon Chairman itSMF International Executive BoardEmail: