OGC and APMG: ITIL® Software Scheme Goes Live at itSMF Fusion in Dallas


The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) and its Accreditor The APM Group have confirmed the ITIL Software scheme is now live. Speaking at itSMF Fusion, Richard Pharro, CEO, APM Group said: "We are delighted to launch the ITIL software scheme while we are here in Dallas. We can now confirm that we have a second contracted software assessor so the vendor community has choice in having their products assessed. This means we are able to formally launch the scheme as we have met our requirements for a competitive and open market in the delivery of the assessment services."
The new ITIL software endorsement scheme allows software tool vendors to submit their ITIL based software tools for assessment to a Licensed Software Assessor. Successful recommendations entitle tool vendors to use the official Process Compliant ITIL Swirl logo. Richard confirmed the following vendors have been approved under the scheme CA, BMC, IBM and Intasoft. The confirmed Assessors are: SMCG and Pink Elephant. "We would like to thank CA, IBM, BMC, Intasoft and SMCG for going through the pilot process and welcome Pink Elephant on board as our second licensed software assessor," Richard said.
Gathering together at itSMF Fusion, the first vendors accredited under the scheme also gave their comments. Robert Sterbens, Sr. Director Product Marketing, CA Inc, said: "CA found SMCG's ITIL Product Compliance assessment to be thorough, professionally done and rigorous. SMCG assessors were very knowledgeable and provided a challenging test for our products. The opportunity to participate in the assessment pilot was welcomed by CA and has provided us with greater confidence that the industry is moving the bar higher and allowing organisations like CA to officially demonstrate their innovation and compliance to an accepted standard."
Paul Avenant, Vice President, Products, Enterprise Service Management, BMC, said: "As IT complexity continues to increase, the need for IT management best practices is more critical than ever. As the pilot vendor organisation who contributed to the development of the new ITIL assessment and the first company certified under this program, BMC is pleased that customers now have an objective and OGC-backed program to help them make informed choices about the software they use to adopt ITIL best practices."
Tony Collins, Managing Director, Intasoft Ltd, said "At last an official OGC approved and APMG managed ITIL assessment scheme for our software, something our customers have been asking for and now we can deliver. I can't praise the SMCG team enough, summing it up I would say a first class service performed by professionals who displayed a thorough understanding of ITIL and were focussed not only on ensuring that we understood the assessment process but also, that the assessment itself was conducted in the most , in-depth, courteous and respectful way possible."
Chris O'Connor, Tivoli Vice President, IBM, said: "IBM clients have always placed value in our products supporting industry standards and employing best practices…By achieving Gold certification, we have again demonstrated IBM's commitment to delivering open, industry leading service management solutions. By successfully completing the certification process, we continue to execute on our focus to deliver products that support our clients' endeavors to automate their ITIL processes and support their business requirements."
Peter Brooks (FISM) Independent Consultant reviewed the ITIL Software Scheme. He said: "The potential marketing advantage to Vendors is reasonably clear. At a minimum, if a piece of software is certified to offer ITIL Process X, somebody completing an RFP can include this information in the knowledge that, so long as all the people and process work is done according to ITIL, the tool will provide the necessary support.
"An organisation wishing to set up as a Licensed Software Assessor has the opportunity to add on important value to the core scheme itself, such as providing ranking between tools, implementation guidance, capacity and availability information about the tool and so forth," Peter said.
For further information on the ITIL Software scheme visit: http://www.itil-officialsite.com/SoftwareScheme/ITILSoftwareScheme.asp.