TDWI Webinar: Implementing Data Quality Control

27/10/2009 18:00
27/10/2009 19:00

Webinar Abstract: Automated processes validate that data values format conformance, data domain membership, or cross-column or table consistency, yet in the absence of an absolute “source of truth,” there is no way to automatically determine if a value is accurate. Despite efforts to ensure data quality, some data issues will require proactive attention and remediation. In this presentation, we examine the methods and protocols for data quality control, so that errors identified early in the process can be mitigated before their impacts are incurred. Register for this TDWI Webinar
You will learn:

  • Defining business rules and protocols for data inspection
  • Identifying data errors early in the processing stream
  • Data quality issues logging, tracking, response, and remediation
  • Data quality service level agreements

Presenter: David Loshin, President,Knowledge Integrity, Inc.
Event Date: 10/27/09
Event Time: 9:00 am PT / 12:00 PM ET

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Sponsored by: Informatica