VMware Webinar: Integrating Virtualization with Capacity Management

30/03/2010 17:00
Why should you, and how do you, properly manage the capacity of your VMware Infrastructure? Where do you start, what's most important, and how do you do each activity? *** AS PRESENTED AT VMWORLD *** Capacity Management is critical not only to a successful virtualization implementation, but also to ensuring that service levels are kept at levels agreed upon with your stakeholders. The purpose of this session is to provide you with information that will allow you to integrate virtualization into capacity management practices. We will discuss the key areas that you need to review, provide example reports that you can begin to use within your environment and expand on as necessary. The  session will cover the key metrics that affect Capacity Management and how they affect performance. You will be shown an example of a modeling scenario concerning the growth of Virtual Machines on a VMware host. Goal of Capacity Planning:To ensure that IT capacity is sufficient and will be available at agreed upon levels. Session Summary: The purpose of this session is to give you some ideas and sample reports that you can use in your environment for Capacity Planning.  The keys topics are: Create a constant set of reports for your environment. These reports should be a consensus of what metrics you want to capture and are valuable to ensuring success in your job Make sure your reports and dashboards tell a story and can be interpreted by your stakeholders Use trending when appropriate. Not everything needs to be a modeling exercise Use modeling as appropriate, " what-if’s" to project into the future based upon workload changes Use trending and modeling to prevent those “gotcha” moments that everyone dreads Time: 4pm GMT, 5pm CET. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER