itSMF Serbia Launch Conference Annoucement - December 10th 2008, Belgrade

10/12/2008 09:00
10/12/2008 17:00

Serbian Chapter Launch Conference will be organized on the 10th of December (9:00 - 17:00), at Hotel Hyatt Regency in Belgrade.
 As announced at the itSMF Regional Conference in June, please be kindly informed that the Serbian Chapter Launch Conference will be organized on the 10th of December (9:00 - 17:00), in Belgrade at Hotel Hyatt Regency. More details will follow and will be published soon on the this and International web-site, but this is for you to put a placeholder in your calendars or let me know for any help you might need when arranging your visit to Belgrade. Would you be also kind to register if you want to attend as a Guest Speaker and give a presentation on any chosen topic. This would help putting together an Agenda and also finalizing a list of subjects to be discussed at the Conference. For your comments or any suggestions regarding this event, please let me know. Thanks very much. Kindest Regards Milan Zivkovic.
Društvo IT Service Management Forum Srbije želi da objavi poziv svim zainteresovanim da prisustvuju Osnivačkoj Konferenciji zakazanoj za 10. December 2008. godine u Beogradu, 09:00 do 17:00 časova, u hotelu Hyatt Regency.

Thanks to the UK Web-site Development Team

Hi Chris and Ian,

just to say big thank you for your work on setting up the itSMF Serbia Chapter web-site.
Much appreciated.

Milan Zivkovic

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