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The IT Service Management Forum Serbia - itSMF Serbia is an independent, not-for-profit Organisation dedicated to the development and promotion of IT Service Management and ITSM "best practice" in Serbia. We provide an accessible network of industry experts, information sources and events to assist you (and your staff) address IT service management issues. We will continuously improve our products for our members by sustainably growing, actively seeking partnerships and collaborating with others. For more about itSMF Serbia Services see the attached Chapter Brochure.
IT Service Management is really just a common sense approach to providing an IT service; sometimes we struggle with implementing common sense and this is why a network of like-minded individuals is so important. Another aspect of IT Service Management which can easily be overlooked is the people; people generally do not like change, so this can sometimes generate a culture shock; understanding this up front can make it much less painful. People can be the driving force, the IT industry lifeblood - that's why the itSMF Serbia is particularly focused on people aspects, soft-skills, education, sharing knowledge and in general, the quality of people.
itSMF Serbia welcome its members and everyone interested to join our Organisation and use our services. Feel free to send feedback and any recommendation for improvement using our Contact form at You can also contact other itSMF members at our Discusson Forum or send your views to our Chapter Board members using contact details available at About Us web-page. All your comments are greatly appreciated and will help us improve our services. Thank you.
itSMF Serbia services offered to its members are further depicted in the following sub-directories.

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